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Free Online Cool FUNNY TRICKS and Jokes

Somersaulting Coin

                   Somersaulting Coin  Somersaulting Coin

This trick requires a lot of practice before you can perform it effectively. If you are very proficient with this trick, the coin will look as if it is alive. This is also a very good introductory routine before performing other coin conjuring magic.

1. Place a large coin between your index and middle fingers.

2. Raise your index finger to tip the coin to roll over to the space between your middle and ring fingers.

                        Somersaulting Coin  Somersaulting Coin

3. Continue to raise your middle finger to tip the coin to roll over to the space between the ring and little fingers.

4. Continue to raise your ring finger and then the little finger tipping the coin to somersault until it drops off your hand.

                         Somersaulting Coin  Somersaulting Coin

5. You can catch the coin and place it back to the beginning position with the same hand and repeat the trick again.

6. You can also reverse the motions when the coin is at the space between the ring and little finger.

Snappy Surprise

Snappy Surprise  Snappy Surprise

This is a very good party trick for Christmas and New Year parties but it has very ill effects for the nervous people.

1. Tell your audience to pay attention to your left palm while you are turning your right hand index finger in circles on top of it.

2. As your audience are paying attention to your left palm, you suddenly open both palms outward with a big snapping noise and lots of confetti flying out from your palms.

Your audience will be stunned and they might even scream.

The Snapper

                     Snappy Surprise                    Snappy Surprise


3. You need to make a snapper for this tick. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard or thin plywood as the drawing with roughly the size of 4cm x 5cm.

4. Loop a rubber band round both pieces on the indentation area.

The Performance

  Snappy Surprise    Snappy Surprise       Snappy Surprise

5. Turn the snapper inside out from the bottom of the pieces. Practise the snap by throwing the snapper in the air.

6. You need to be very careful at this stage or you could be snapped by the snapper. Before performing the trick hide the turned snapper inside you right palm with a handful of confetti.

Before your performance draw a crowd to surround you closely. Take you time to draw their attention towards the centre of your left palm. The more they are concentrated, the bigger the shock will be produced.

Arm Twist

We welcome Jackie to do this amazing body contortion for us.

   Arm Twist  Arm Twist Arm Twist

1. Jackie places her arms on the table and she starts turning her left arm in a  circle.

2. Jackie is in agony as she is pulling her face and yelling 'ouch'.

3. Hurrah! Jackie has made it and she has successfully turned her arm in a full circle

Rabbit From Silks 

Here's a good trick if you want to do that rabbit stuff. You can replace the rabbit for something else if you want.

Effect : A live rabbit appears inside a bundle of large silks.

Magic Secret : Take one silk, and lay it down flat. Then take a rabbit and put it in the center of the silk. Then tie two corners of it together, and hang the knot on a nail that is nailed on the back of your magic table, or put the bundle in a servante. Then, to present the trick, show about 5 silks empty, and count them onto the table. Then, when you pick them up, hook your thumb under the knot of the silk hanging behind the table, and carry it up behind the silks. Then walk to the front of the table, closer to the audience, and produce the rabbit. You will find that the rabbit will easily come out the side of the handkerchief it was tied in.
Mind Reader

Please take this test mentally.
Dont write anything down, and dont say any answers out loud.

1) Pick a number from 2-9.It can be 2, 9 or anything inbetween.
2) Take that number, and multiply it by 9.
3) That should give you a two digit number. Take those two digits and add them together

4) Take the resulting number and subtract 5 from it
5) Take that number and correspond it to the alphabet, numbering the letters A=1,B=2,C=3 and so on...

6) Take your letter, and think of a country that begins with that letter
7) Take the last letter in the name of that country, and think of an animal that starts with this letter
8) Now, take the last letter in the name of that animal, and think of a color that starts with this letter

Oh, and just one last thing...


Coin Trick 

Effect: The magician shows a glass, upside down, and a coin on a sheet of colored paper. He puts a handkerchief over the glass and moves it over. He pulls the handkerchief off and Abracadabra! the coin has disappeared. 


Supplies: A sheet of construction paper (1), a clear glass, a handkerchief and a coin. 


Preparation: Trace the glass onto the sheet of paper and cut the circle out.  Then tape it to the glass so when you put it onto a piece of paper the same color it blends in.


Secret: When you do the above put the glass onto a piece of paper and just basically move the paper covered glass over the coin while the whole thing is under the handkerchief so the glass covers the coin.  Pull off the handkerchief.  The coin will have "disappeared.

Magic Handkerchief

Magic Handkerchief 

To perform the trick, you will need a large handkerchief.


1. Pull a large handkerchief out of your pocket with the long end hanging down.

2. Move your arm forward and backward to create a good momentum.

                          Magic Handkerchief 

3. Flip the other end of the handkerchief up and catch it with the same hand.

4. Snap the Handkerchief outward and forward in a very fast action.

                         Magic Handkerchief 

5. Say Shimmer Shimmering as you snap out the handkerchief hard the third time.

Magically, you have tied a knot on the long end of the handkerchief.

The Secret Of Trick:

6. Before you perform the trick, tie a knot on one end of the handkerchief. Make sure to leave the knotted end on the top of your pocket and keep the knot well hidden inside your fist when you pull it out of your pocket.


When you flip the handkerchief upward and snap it outward, make sure to do the movements smoothly and continuously. You may need a lot of practice before you can perform this trick well.

Magic Rope Trick

Magic Rope Trick 

To perform the trick, you will need a thick rope and a ball.


1. Put a ball on a table. Stretch a rope out with two hands and loop it underneath the ball. Say the Magic words:
Shimmer Shimmering

2. Move the rope away from the table swiftly and magically balance the ball on it.

3. Rock the ball from side to side and bounce it up in the air.

      Magic Rope Trick             


4. Allow the ball to drop on the floor and as it bounces up, catch it on the rope again.

5. You can also bounce the ball up and down on the rope as you are balancing it.


         Magic Rope Trick          

5. Turn the snapper inside out from the bottom of the pieces. Practise the snap by throwing the snapper in the air.

6. Then stretch the rope in an angle and allow the ball to roll down.
Repeat the routine a few times by lifting one hand higher then the other alternatively.

       Magic Rope Trick

The Secret of Trick:

7. In fact there is a strong nylon thread attached to the two ends of the rope. However, you need to use both your thumbs and your index fingers to adjust the correct tension of both the rope and the thread.

It is important to use a very bouncy ball which is made of relatively light material. In order to make your act more interesting, you need to have more variations with your balancing and bouncing routines.

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